Uniting the World for Recovery

October 14, 2022

Almost a year ago to the day, in partnership with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), we launched a not-for-profit campaign called #TogetherInTravel.

Its purpose was simple; to unite the world at a time when we needed it most.  It was a global call to arms to keep the spark of travel alive and create the world’s largest on-line community of travel supporters.  What resulted blew us all away, with 55 million people engaging with the video across 170 countries.

 This week, WTTC released the full devastating impact that COVID-19 had on the global Travel & Tourism sector last year, which suffered a massive loss of almost US$4.5 trillion and shows the sector’s contribution to GDP dropped a staggering 49.1%, this compared to the overall global economy which dropped by just 3.7% last year.

As the pandemic ripped through the heart of Travel & Tourism, more than 62 million jobs were lost, a massive 18.5% reduction.   At the same time, as one of the world’s most diverse sectors, the impact on women, youth and minorities was significant.  And the threat persists, as many of the remaining 272m jobs are currently supported by government retention schemes which without a full recovery of Travel & Tourism could be lost.


A year on, we find ourselves mobilising once more and we would love your help.


To mark the start of the recovery of our sector, WTTC against all odds are holding their Global Summit “Uniting the World for Recovery” in Cancun Mexico on 25th-27th April 2021 which, for the first year in the history of WTTC, the event will be hybrid.

This is a moment in history to come together, standing shoulder to shoulder in a virtual chain of strength and we would love your help to create a huge global online audience, to watch the invitation only live broadcast.

By clicking on the link below, you will join the #TogetherInTravel community; a purpose built platform for the travel industry. From there, please register to attend the virtual Global Summit. 

As I am sure you know, The WTTC Global Summit is the ‘Davos’ of the Travel & Tourism sector and brings together Heads of State, Government Ministers, Chairs and Chief Executives of the biggest companies in Travel, to discuss, debate and raise awareness of the global, social and economic role of Travel & Tourism in the world economy.


To help:

  1. JOINthe #TogetherinTravel on-line community 
  2. REGISTERto attend the virtual WTTC Global Summit 25-27th April 2021 
  3. SHARE the message as far and wide as you can and ask your networks to register. 


Never before has there been such an important moment in history for us to stand together as a sector with one voice.  If international mobility and travel is resumed by June this year, it will significantly boost global and country level GDPs – and of course, jobs.