October 14, 2022

In order to spread awareness of Santa Monica as a holiday destination amongst two key target audiences; Luxury and Families, we worked with two key influencers in order to create a ‘story’. The story had to inspire target audiences to discover different aspects of the destination and make them want to create their own story.

The Santa Monica Stories campaign brought two influencers, Olivia Purvis and Emma Manchester, to Santa Monica. They were filmed as they experienced different elements of Santa Monica, meaning their genuine emotions and reactions were captured, giving consumers an authentic and relatable feel for the destination. Three videos were made for each theme, which were then posted with the aim of driving consumers to a microsite.

Producing such content meant the campaign received a much higher click-through rate than the industry benchmark set by Google. Entries for the competition that ran with the campaign exceeded the target by over 91%, and the performance of the media selection meant the microsite had a strong number of consumers going to the website.