October 14, 2022

Brand USA have recently completed their most ambition MegaFam to date.  One hundred agents simultaneously travelled to the USA from the UK and Ireland and participated in seven diverse itineraries, spanning 18 states and visiting two U.S. territories.
Each of the interesting itineraries gave agents memorable experiences by highlighting the USA to, through and beyond the gateway cities.  Activities ranged from walking tours and salsa dancing in the streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico, Segway tours through Dallas, Texas, white water rafting in the Catskills, New York, sailing with dolphins of the coast of Santa Barbara, California, through to helicopter rides over Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Other amazing MegaFam moments included island hopping in the U.S. Virgin Islands, exploring the historical sights of Baltimore, Maryland and visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota.
The MegaFam culminated with an epic visit to Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona where agents got to ride on horseback as well as hike or mountain bike across the cacti-studded landscape.  A spectacular gala dinner in the Sonoran Desert brought all of the agents together to share their amazing experiences before flying home either on the recently launched daily American Airlines flight or the established British Airways flight back to Heathrow Airport.
Marie Tracy from Travel Up summed up the agent insight by saying “the itinerary was absolutely incredible and jam packed, we got to see and do so much in such a short space of time, which I loved.  It was also great to understand first hand just how close some of these areas actually were to each other.  The activities throughout were varied and fun (who knew I would love white water rafting!) and the finale was in a stunning and unique location.”