Taylor Morris in Mauritius

Make Mauritius an aspirational holiday destination, increasing the desire to visit

Make Mauritius an aspirational holiday destination, increasing the desire to visit.



Continue to bolster Mauritius as an aspirational destination for affluent travellers, focussing on the Millennial and professional ABC1 market in the UK to increase visitation from this segment.



Hills Balfour brokered a partnership between Taylor Morris Eyewear, a popular UK sunglasses brand run by two aspiring entrepreneurs, and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. This partnership saw the creation of a limited edition Mauritius inspired range of sunglasses, a digital influencer trip with well-known celebrity influencers associated with high-end travel, and a supporting digital awareness campaign to promote Mauritius as being the “Must See Destination, and Taylor Morris eyewear being the lenses to see it through”.

Seven digital influencers all spent a week in Mauritius using the lush inland and contrasting landscapes, and of course the tropical beaches to act as a backdrop to their photoshoot. These included TV star and socialite, Millie Macintosh; TV star and entrepreneur, Hugo Taylor; Mauritian-born supermodel, Alicia Rountree; fitness model, Toby Huntington-Whitely; travel blogger, Sarah Mikaela; DJ & model, Zara Martin and Taylor Morris founder Charlie Morris,

A digital marketing campaign was launched during their visit to the island, so that target consumers could follow their journey, watch the influencers’ posts on social media, as well as enter a competition to win the same itinerary, plus other prizes including Taylor Morris eyewear and more.

This campaign involved a wide range of measurable deliverables to maximise the impact including a brand partnership, digital, social and press coverage and not forgetting promoting the campaign to the travel trade.  Working in partnership with hotels, airlines and experience providers in Mauritius, the cost of the campaign was kept to a minimum.


Results to date:

  • The number of social media posts during the campaign was 478 across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Over 60 reposts/retweets by socialites and brand partners increased the reach further, making the actual reach to date to be 636,543,011
  • From a PR perspective 26 news articles across the UK’s top medias Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, News!, OK! And Celeb News generated a reach of over 122,485,717 and a media value of £267,500