Magical Kenya Consumer Engagement

Kenya tourism board consumer activity in the UK & Ireland



To run all consumer advertising campaigns for KTB aiming to inspire travel to Kenya and drive sales through tour operator partners. To run integrated advertising campaigns throughout the year with a focus on key sales period of January, February, September and October, ensuring a clear system of tracking and evaluation to measure sales.



A dedicated consumer advertising team is tasked with:

  • Putting together all marketing proposals and campaigns for KTB.
  • Working with media buying agencies to buy all media for KTB.
  • Working with creative agencies on all campaign creative propositions.
  • Liaison with tour operator partners to ensure all advertising carries a tour operator call to action.
  • Working with tour operators and other partners to ensure KTB’s investment is always match funded by partners.
  • Development of consumer stunts and other events and activities to raise awareness of Kenya and drive sales.
  • Representation at relevant consumer shows and events.
  • Working with third party brands to ensure KTB is affiliated with like-minded brands and extend the reach of all campaigns in the market.
  • Project management of all KTB marketing campaigns.
  • Carry out research projects in the market to ensure KTB continue to target the correct audience and utilise the most effective channels for consumer marketing efforts.

Reached a minimum of 19 million consumers each year through advertising efforts.
Ensured year-on-year growth of sales to Kenya, always obtaining full recovery after crises in the market.