Get Fit in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida has average temperatures of 25˚C, 23 miles of promenade-lined beachfronts and boasts an impressive art scene, world class restaurants and bars, shopping, and the Everglades on its doorstep.

Greater Fort Lauderdale




Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida has average temperatures of 25˚C, 23 miles of promenade-lined beachfronts and boasts an impressive art scene, world class restaurants and bars, shopping, and the Everglades on its doorstep. Explore Greater Fort Lauderdale’s tropical beauty and take an airboat ride for up-close viewing of plant life and wildlife from alligators to Florida panthers. Take a downtown tour of the colourful art murals, hop on a water taxi to discover the Venetian-style waterways interweaving the city or sample the city’s finest craft ales and restaurants – there is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.


Hills Balfour met with well renowned social media influencer, fitness ambassador, personal trainer and model Kim Hartwell to discuss ways in which we can work together. Hills Balfour came up with the ‘Get Fit in Greater Fort Lauderdale’ concept and invited Kim to co-host a fitness influencer group press trip to explore the destination and experience it first-hand. Using Kim’s contacts and relationship with other famous fitness models, brand ambassadors and trainers, we secured a group of six to visit Greater Fort Lauderdale and create visual content (online, video and social) during the trip five night trip in November 2018.

Hills Balfour curated an itinerary that highlighted the fitness and wellbeing offering in Greater Fort Lauderdale as well as the upcoming trendy neighbourhoods, arts and culture scene, luxury hotels and the fantastic restaurant and bar offering across the city. The itinerary included an everglades airboat tour, kayaking in the mangroves, a journey to Las Olas Boulevard via the Water Taxi, a tour of Downtown Hollywood Art Murals in Florida’s Hollywood and a number of delicious meals at an array of fresh and healthy restaurants across the city.


Hills Balfour’s key objective was to build awareness of what Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer ‘beyond the beaches’ and to showcase how much the Floridian city has available to its visitors beyond sand and sea! We wanted to highlight the variety of outdoor activities available for the active traveller, focusing on water activities and cultural tours.  Greater Fort Lauderdale (Florida) is widely known for its beautiful beaches however our aim was to create an itinerary that highlighted different elements of the destination that are lesser unknown. We were keen to create content that would attract a younger audience (20-40 years old).


We secured model, sports brand ambassador and personal trainer Kim Hartwell, Founder and CEO of Tone What you Own, to host a ‘Get Fort Lauderdale Fit’ group press trip in November 2018. Kim travelled with five leading female wellness and fitness ambassadors in the UK with a high, global engagement across their social platforms (please see profiles below).

The team at Hills Balfour secured social content and website travel blog reviews that went far beyond the deliverables that were originally agreed. The feedback from partners was incredibly positive with some stating that it was some of the best coverage they had seen come out of the UK.



Kim Hartwell  – Blog piece / Vlog

Profile: Kim is a social media influencer and fitness personal trainer. Kim’s blog is aimed at those who want to get fit – whatever your shape, whatever your size; you can absolutely tone what you own. Tone What You Own is Kim‘s ethos for a healthy balanced lifestyle. She is a firm believer that you can embrace your body in all its glory, no matter who you are, where you’re from, YOUR body is incredible. Tone it. Own it. Kim’s blog is dedicated to sharing fitness, wellness and nutrition knowledge that can help you Tone What You Own and more importantly live a life filled with happiness and healthiness. After all a healthy body is a happy body.

Kim met with Jessica Savage and Charlotte Fox and it is from this meeting that the concept of this group press trip was created.

Instagram: 18.2K

Twitter: 1,622

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Blog: $11,814.18

Vlog: $59,070


Natalie Glaze  – Blog piece

Profile: Natalie Glaze runs a UK lifestyle and travel blog called Natalie Glaze as well as being a, Social media & digital consultant and manager, Trainee Pilates instructor, health and fitness and food writer, food consultancy and food trend analyser.

Instagram: 24.5K

Twitter: 4,478

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AVE: $11,814.18


Lottie MurphyBlog piece

Profile: Lottie started her healthy lifestyle blog after finding that so many people were searching for answers to become healthier, fitter and happier. She focuses on balance, positivity, and keeping it simple. The blog is a mixture of healthy recipes, pilate’s workouts, favourite activewear brands, lifestyle tips and honest personal posts too.

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Phoebe GreenacreBlog piece

Profile: Phoebe is a 34 year old travel lifestyle blogger, yoga teacher and business consultant. After 10 years of working in the corporate marketing world for luxury, travel and wellness companies, she started up on her way. Her blog, Wood and Luxe, is 4 years old however she has been saving up for overseas trips since the age of 16. She has visited 52 countries and her curiosity grows with every new adventure. Phoebe’s mission is to inspire her followers to travel the world, try new things (like yoga), have an open mind about wellness and encourage others to trust their heart in all things. Wood and Luxe is a London-based travel and wellness blog designed to inspire readers to follow their dreams. By combining travel, wellness and yoga, Wood and Luxe aims to be an online destination of travel tips and wellness hacks that will help you live a happier and healthier life while exploring the world.  The wood represents Mother Nature, outdoor adventures, ethical living and wellness. The luxe is everything luxurious. Whether that be a one hour massage in an exclusive spa in the Maldives, a plush yoga retreat or a new luxury ethical brand. Wood and Luxe is where these two worlds collide.

Instagram: 12.6K

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Youtube: 324 subscribers


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Cat Meffan – Blog piece / Vlog

Profile: Cat Meffan is a 500 hour advanced yoga teacher, teaching vinyasa flow, rocket, yin, power yoga, restorative and meditation. As an ex-gymnast and dancer, Cat’s passion for movement has evolved over many years, seeing her teaching creative sequences and flows, with a hint of humour and light-heartedness as she goes. When Cat isn’t teaching yoga she’s running her fitness, wellbeing and travel blog, so lives and breathes this lifestyle, wanting to immerse herself in study and writing to bring her students a more in depth side to yoga. After studying yin yoga, Cat found an even bigger interest in applied anatomy and knowing that we are all different, she takes this knowledge into her classes to help her students find what works best for them on an individual basis. Cat’s blog ‘Imperfect Matter’ is a hub for all things health and fitness related. Her mission is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things she loves, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives by reviewing the best products, working with the best brands & having a go at the best fitness classes out there, as well as trying her hand at some healthy recipes. Along with that, she posts about her personal fitness journey, teaching yoga and trying new things – the highs, the lows and everything in between.

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Sophie Porley – Social media

Profile: Sophie Elizabeth Porley is an English actress, who is best known for her role as Ellie Nightingale in Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks. Before starring in Hollyoaks, she has had roles in The Work Experience, Jupiter Ascending and Tulip Fever. Porley has modelled for Bravissimo, Tu for Sainsbury’s, and Royce Lingerie.

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