A Group Influencer Trip To Croatia

A group influencer Trip to Croatia.

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To increase awareness of Croatia as a leisure travel destination beyond the coastline and to educate viewers on social media of Croatia’s lesser known regions of Slavonia and Baranja. Additionally, to provide more content for Facebook and Instagram that would entice viewers to explore other parts of Croatia.


Since Slavonia and Baranja are less represented on social media and lacks high-quality content, a group influencer trip to the regions was organised. Hills Balfour, in collaboration with our sister agencies, invited 8 influencers to participate in the trip from markets including the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan. Our chosen influencers enjoyed a variety of activities offered in the regions ranging from boat rides in Kopački Rit National Park to wine tasting in Ilok and enjoying the 52nd Đakovo Embroidery Festival. Influencers were also interviewed by national and local newspapers, television stations and Croatia YouTube group Joomboos.


  • Daily Instagram stories reaching audiences of 386,235
  • 59 Instagram posts
  • 4 blog posts to date
  • 41 pieces of coverage on the Instameet in local and national newspapers, radio and television stations.
  • 1 YouTube video featured with Joomboos with 37,000 views to date